2nd Annual Developing Lean Leaders' Summit
with Ritsuo Shingo, Paul Akers & George Trachilis. Santorini, Greece July 31 - August 4
Ritsuo Shingo

Ritsuo Shingo is currently president of Institute of Management Improvement and senior advisor to the Lean Leadership Institute.

Paul Akers

Paul Akers is the founder and president of FastCap, a product development company specializing in
woodworking tools and hardware for the professional builder.

George Trachilis

George Trachilis is a professional engineer living in Canada. He is President and CEO of the Lean Leadership Institute, an online coaching network which he co-founded with Dr. Jeffrey K. Liker.

When you think of Lean you most likely equate it to Toyota and Japan; the world is changing.
The key to Lean is to make your life easier while reaching your goals and true potential; all at the same time. Join Paul Akers, Ritsuo Shingo and George Trachilis as they help you make the connection between the genius and structure of the Toyota Production System, and the passion and beauty that Greece claims as its’ own. Lean is about getting the best of both worlds; that is the focus of this Lean Summit. Develop your skills as a Lean Maniac and a Lean Leader! You could say it’s like having your cake and eating it; but don’t; because Paul Akers is about to change your thinking about Lean with his unique focus on Lean Health. This event is sure to add years to your life!
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